The following LINKS ON THE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS are provided for your convenience.


The new Planning Act was launched on 3 July 2017 and sits at the top of the Planning family tree.

Planning Act 2017

The Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc. (EDO) is a non-profit, non-government community organisation.  It is dedicated to providing legal advice and representation to individuals and community groups working to protecting the environment.  For more information on the new Planning Act go to the EDO website and click on “Download the Presentation Slides” and then “Watch the Seminar”.

Regional Plans

SEQ Regional Plan 2017 Shaping SEQ

The current South East Queensland Regional Plan (above) was meant to guide development on a regional level until 2026.  However, it has now been updated and a new Plan will be released in September 2017.  Once released, we will provide a link to the new Plan.  See our submission on the new Plan in our Submissions section.

Local Plans

Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014

The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme was launched in May 2014.  At the launching the Mayor’s stated its role was to provide certainty to the community.  A number of major amendments have since been made to the Planning Scheme.  See our submission on the Planning Scheme in our Submissions section.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s Website


For information on current Development Applications – search on Development for a current Development Application by inserting the address, Application No eg. MCU (Material Change of Use) or go to the maps to search.


Click on “Agree” and then “Property Information”.   Then zoom into a property to find out the property description and if there are any current Development Applications over that site.

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