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SCD Community groups dispute ‘critical land supply shortage

DW’s planning concerns for this proposal are extensive.

The Strategic Framework is at the top of the ladder in the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme and governs development across the entire Sunshine Coast.  This proposal raises extensive conflicts with the Strategic Framework particularly in relation to Natural Hazards, Acid Sulfate Soils and Climate Change.   

The Strategic Framework provides that the predicted effects of climate change and the potential for increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events have been appropriately considered in the Planning Scheme to identify areas likely to be at risk from natural hazards and the severity of that risk.

Floodplains are the most vulnerable of those areas identified as being of risk.

Further it provides that the flood storage and conveyance capacity of floodplains and waterways should be maintained or enhanced;  natural hydrological systems, landforms and drainage lines should be protected;  there should be no worsening in flood conditions;  and areas of community isolation should not be created.

The Strategic Framework also provides that the generation or release of acid and metal contaminants from acid sulfate soils should not occur as they could have an adverse impact on the natural or built environment … and … the disturbance of acid sulfate soils should be avoided …

In relation to the Planning Scheme generally, the land is currently zoned rural.  Therefore, residential development is prohibited.

Again, the land is subject to a Flood Hazard Overlay Code.  That Code provides that development should not occur on land subject to flooding …. that the safety of people should be protected and the risk of harm to property and the natural environment from flood and storm tide inundation should be minimised; and development should not result in a material increase in the extent or severity of flood or storm tide inundation.”

The land is subject to the Acid Sulfate Soils Overlay Code.  It states that the disturbance of ASS should be avoided by not excavating or otherwise removing soil or sediment containing ASS, not permanently or temporarily extracting groundwater … and not undertaking filing … that results in actual ASS being moved below the water table, or previously saturated ASS being aerated.

The land is also subject to the Biodiversity, Waterways and Wetlands overlay Code in that it contains some native vegetation which should be retained for the connectivity of native fauna.

This proposal substantially conflicts with all 3 of the above Overlay Codes.

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